24 Hour Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring


Why Choose Rolen Security?
Edmonton-Based Monitoring
You often hear companies touting that they offer nationwide monitoring. But, who would you rather have monitoring your alarm, someone 2,000 miles away or someone locally based? Because Rolen Security is Edmonton-based, we are able to monitor local weather conditions and react to ever-changing police response policies, crime patterns and any other conditions which might have an adverse effect on alarm conditions.

All our staff are fully screened by the Edmonton Police Station and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police before being employed. Security identification cards are provided.
We use the very latest equipment to receive signals from customers security alarm systems, allowing multiple formats and high speed reporting.

All electronic receiving equipment, computers and standby power supply equipment have backup units. All technical equipment is supported and maintained by in-house personnel 24 hours a day. All vital information is backed up and stored, many times each day.

Our monitoring station is ULC listed.


The Benefits of System Monitoring
System monitoring has a number of advantages.

•  If a fire starts on your premises and you have a monitored smoke detector, we will be alerted the moment your smoke detector goes into alarm and will contact the local fire department for immediate response.
•  Many insurance companies offer discounted insurance premiums for customers who have a monitored alarm system.
•   A monitored security system can report daily personnel movement to and from your business or home when they use the alarm system. These daily reports are recorded by our monitoring station, and can be provided on a regular weekly or monthly basis, or when the need arises.
•  Our monitoring station can provide supervised opening/closing of your security system. If your alarm system is not turned on for the night or not turned off in the morning, our monitoring station can notify the appropriate people of these events and ensure that the premises are secure and that your business opens for business on time.


24 Hour Edmonton Security System Monitoring
Should I Have My Alarm System Monitored?
Consider these scenarios:

•  You are away from home, and all of your neighbours are away, too. Your security alarm goes into alarm. Who will contact the police or the fire department?
•  Your business security alarm goes into alarm after hours. Your business is in a commercial area, which means there is no one around to hear the siren. How will you know that there is a break in or crime happening at your location?