Frequently Asked Questions

What does the trouble light mean (orange triangle) on my security keypad?

NEO Manual

PC 1500 / 1550 Manual

PC 1616/1832/1864 Manual

PC 5010 Manual

How often does my security battery need to be changed?

My security system is monitored by you and I have a concern after business hours?


The trouble light on your keypad means there is some issue that needs your attention with your security panel. Depending on which panel version you have, NEO, PC1832, PC1864, PC5050 will depend which buttons you push on your keypad to access that information. Refer to your "trouble conditions" page in your manual for your panel. Manual attachments included below.

NOTE: the # button on your keypad will silence the beep of your security system.


The main battery in your security panel should last you between 5-7 years. Your panel will send out a low battery signal warning when it is in need of being changed. Frequent power outages can decrease the lifetime of your battery.
Rolen Security sells the 12 volt 4 amp and 12 volt 7 amp battery both of with are used in the security panels. Batteries can be changed out by the individual or a service call can be arranged to replace your battery and test your system.


We strive to do our best to get to your phone calls but there are times we may be unavailable, most notably after business hours. If you have a concern with your security system and you are monitored by us, please contact our local monitoring station and advise them of your concern. They will be able to assist your with general questions pertaining to your system and may even be able to assist you with a trouble condition that is persistent. 780-488-3777